Meta-stuff: I’m still here, also posting schedule during Series Five

26 May

First off, apologies, anyone checking to see if I’m still alive or possibly just where S03E10 & S03E11 went: I ran into unavoidable technical difficulties. Writing the reviews I mean, although frankly it works just as well for both.

However. Feeling much better now. Both pieces are anyway nearly ready to go, and will be up tomorrow evening, around 8pm EST. (I also need to catch up on comments.)

After that, I’m taking a week off to more fully participate in the Series Five kickoff festivities. S03E12 & the ‘Savage Songs’ article should appear the week after that… then we launch straight into Series Four.

I had thought to suspend operations during the entirety of S5’s first run, but have decided that much as I’m enjoying this project, I don’t actually want to spend the rest of my life on it. Besides, on the current schedule I should be done just in time for Yonderland, The Wrong Mans and Bill to rev into high gear, and I have vague ideas of doing something review-related for all three… albeit possibly not in as much detail!

Still, I’m enormously, vividly excited for the new troupe. If I’ve learned anything from this project to even date, it’s that in some very important ways HH is the cast. It’s their humour, their styles, their sheer talent that has gotten us this far. Following their further adventures is simply the natural extension of that, and who knows, a fresh perspective might turn out to be even more fun…

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