I’m Kerrie, a Canadian semipro writer/reviewer, pop-culture enthusiast, iconoclast and person with a lot of time on her hands — roughly in that order. I’m also a giant history geek… and a comedy geek… and a children’s media geek.

Enter Horrible Histories, the brilliant hit TV series… aka proof that there really is a fandom for everyone.

I’d been trying to work out my fannish impulses via the ‘Horrible Histories for Xmas No1′ Facebook group, and editing the HH page on TVTropes, but when my brain eventually started to put together a close-up examination of a genuinely unique experiment in children’s TV… well, it came up with a snappy format and everything.

So here ’tis. One post per episode, approx two a week, if I’m lucky. Updates usually happen Sunday evenings.

All opinions — and there are a lot of them — solely those of the author, who is willing to concede that she may be off-base, but is not willing to censor herself on any account. Further, since everyone connected with the show publicly insists on taking their output seriously from a creative standpoint, so do I — with the caveat, of course, that we’re all still inevitably talking about a children’s show.

Beyond that, I am assuming that the mere existence of this project is enough to demonstrate the depths of my affection for not only the entire cast (including the rat) but all other things HH.

For anyone wanting proof of credibility beyond that — and I don’t blame you a bit — I suggest you check out this post first of all:


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