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Meta-stuff: My credentials, aka a moment to humblebrag

So I’ve been at this for awhile now, and people are actually still reading — thank you from the bottom of my heart, seriously.

This combination has inspired me to start thinking about exactly why people should be paying attention to my ramblings. What qualifies me as a critic of last week’s lunch, let alone an award-winning comedy programme?

Well, since I’m Canadian, my first impulse is to apologise for not addressing this sooner. Sorry about that.

Next: William Shatner, Martin Short, Dan Aykroyd, Due South, Mike Myers, Kate Beaton, the Barenaked Ladies… no, the band…. SCTV. We are a naturally funny people, primarily because for much of the year we are a naturally freezing-bloody-cold people, so have gotten into the habit of making sure the people we’re cooped up indoors with have a reason not to kill us.

As for me specifically… besides occasionally over the years acting as beta-reader for a novelist friend, may I humbly direct you to this page, representing my contributions to a respected online ‘zine. I was taken on as a reviewer/blogger on the strength of this article, on legendary American comedy team Bob & Ray, which in 2010 became liner notes for this CD retrospective…

…which earned me unbelievably gracious and generous thank-you notes from Bob Elliott himself, and Ray Goulding’s widow. Both of which notes currently occupy pride of place near the desk I’m writing this on, for inspiration.

So yeah. I’m not saying I always know what I’m talking about. But the above should give a pretty good idea of my ability to appreciate Horrible Histories, and comedy in general.

Again, thanks so much for reading. Any and all feedback gratefully appreciated.

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